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That hat and pink hair of his inspire me so much. Mmh yess.
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I never admit being a The Gazette fan but sure I liked their music a lot. This drawing was a great turning point in my life as an artist. This piece taught me I really can draw realistic portraits with the right amount of determination and effort, it was probably the first realistic portrait I really liked and considered acceptable. lol. I used to be so strict to myself. 
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It’s still his birthday here so ~ 
Happy Birthday Mia ~ 
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Just a little scribble - inspired by Wataru and his fabulous dress. 
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Pink is my favourite colour. I had more creative touch on this one… 
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The BORN/lycaon live last week was awesome. Since then I’ve been trying to put this one image I have on my head onto paper … I haven’t quite nailed it yet but I’m getting there. It may take another 47658734875984 sketches but hey I’m bored.
Also hello light bubble thingies and sparkles, wooop wooop.
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I was an A9 fan once. I used to like Shou a lot … I remember trying to make this drawing as soft as I could.. lol
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I don’t have much to say about this one.. Except that I wanted to capture his inflatable boat I mean his lips. Lips. 
It’s been so long since I’ve drawn anything realistic digitally, I didn’t really expect much, so I guess I exceeded my expectations.
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Hi. I haven’t really updated  any of my blogs in a while - I’m trying to change that now. I have found new motivation to draw and I’m planning to post more, new and old things too. Don’t worry, I won’t spam old drawings that much, I was thinking I could post some of the best ones, maybe weekly for throwback Thursday or something.. 


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