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HAPPY BIRTHDAY criminalbaby !
I guess it’s safe to post this now
A birthday card. A little late. For a friend.
Congrats you old homo!
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Kemistipingviini with a banana phone

TBT 3 
This is a nostalgic one. Kemistipingviini. I think I drew this for a friend’s birthday or something back then … 
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I sometimes explore the wide archives of unfinished drawings of mine and this time I ran into this portrait. It was halfway done, pretty sketchy and I decided to finish it. The portrait is based on this old sketch, so it’s one of the rare occasions I actually take a traditional sketch and finish it on computer.
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Just a sketch
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I originally made this sketch last year… around August, I think. I had just got the side cut and it was the coolest thing ever.  Now I put some colour on it. I don’t know why I drew a self portrait with a beard but now I see how it looks more like Conchita Wurst than me. Oh well. The nose is still very ‘me’.
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I still do draw with a pen and paper too, I’m just too lazy to scan/photograph/actually finish anything without ctrl+Z.

Scribblydoodledooo ahahahhahaha I think I was too tired when I thought of this concept …. I mean.. the amount of attention whore is..over 9000. I had images of these drunk white girls making out just to get the attention of the guys in my mind and then these two, Yuuki and Wataru fit perfectly the idea of attention whore …blablabla, yea, I had deep thoughts behind this, I totally did not just want to draw them in a homoish setting. Don’t get me wrong I love them bwahahahaha.
carry on carry on ~
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That hat and pink hair of his inspire me so much. Mmh yess.
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I never admit being a The Gazette fan but sure I liked their music a lot. This drawing was a great turning point in my life as an artist. This piece taught me I really can draw realistic portraits with the right amount of determination and effort, it was probably the first realistic portrait I really liked and considered acceptable. lol. I used to be so strict to myself. 
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It’s still his birthday here so ~ 
Happy Birthday Mia ~ 
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